Monday, December 24, 2007

Ways to make money with EBAY

Ways to make money with EBAY
There are many ways to make money with Ebay.The big question is, the best way for you?
How are you going to start? Do some research and buy a book or two. Why I'am saying that. I have found out that there is no complete book on anything.Some are better than others.It is the little trick's that make you the most money.
O.K. you buy a book. You read it several time's, now where you at? You have a vauge idea on how to make money on Ebay.
Since there are lot's of ways to make money with Ebay, which one is going is the best for you? The answer is Love, passion, knowledge.
You have all three about something, everyone does. Now start thinking, what do you know about? What do you love. What do you have a passion for.
Say you love to go fishing, fly fishing. Go to Ebay, search for fishing flys. You will find about 200 items or more. Now go to your local sporting good's store or to a lake or river where people are fly fishing.Also fly tieing clubs, and fishing clubs or groups Talk to them nicely, ask them what kind of fly's they like to use. Cheap ones, good ones,custom? Get the idea?
This is the key,find out what they WANT, not what they Need. Most people BUY what they WANT, not what they need.Think about this, it is true.
Then start looking for what they want. Most Ebay book's will show you how to find the product's that fly fisher's Want.
Like I said, there are a lot of ways to make money with Ebay. Making money online is not easy. it will take alot of hard work to get it set up.
Now the easy part, once you have done the research, found the right product's. Set up your Ebay auction's and start making money. You can go fly fishing anytime you want, all around the world
Randall Bly
Here a couple of books which I feel are the best.
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